Which is the best BBA Course or BBM Course

BBA stands for Bachelor of Business Administration and BBM stands for Bachelor of Business Management. Both these courses are taught in different management schools and some schools give the name as BBA and some as BBM. Some other institutes give it the name Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and some other Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration. Therefore, BBA and BBM has more or less the same syllabus, the only difference is that in the case of BBM the candidates can take up specializations like HR, operation, finance, and marketing, but it is not the case in BBA.

It is the choice of the candidate to choose whether to do BBA or BBM. When, a candidate wishes to do MBA after completing the bachelor’s degree, it is better to go for BBA. This is because, when the candidate does BBA, he/she will get every pinch of knowledge regarding business administration in BBA and he/she will be able to get knowledge about business management as well.

Not only for doing MBA, but also for taking fresh job offers, BBA would be better since the course will inculcate the candidate with all qualities required for the post of a manager. Not only for fresher, but also when the person gains more experience after completing BBA, he will get better career options in the future as well.

Therefore, Bachelor of Business Administration is better than Bachelor of Business Management. When a candidate is bit confused about choosing either of the two, he/she can compare the course curriculum, job assistance and internship offered by the university or college for two courses and can select one which he/she thinks will best suits the future requirement. If a candidate wishes to have deep knowledge regarding the administration level, he can go for BBA and when he wishes to have deep knowledge regarding the management level, he can go for BBM.


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    I think BBM is better than BBA.